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Residential Client

Residential Roofing

Whatever your residential roofing needs may be, we’ve got you covered here at 4 Regions, LLC. Our professional team is always standing by to provide you and your family with the best workmanship and customer care we can, no matter what services you need!


Commercial Roofing

No two commercial roofing systems are identical—because no two businesses have the same commercial roofing needs. That’s why the 4 Regions, LLC team has worked hard to gain expertise with a wide variety of commercial roofing systems and materials, including:



Low Slope

Metal Roofs

Flat Roofing

We understand that everyone has a different budget and different needs for their commercial roof. Whether you’re looking for the strongest commercial roofing system on the market, or a blend of quality and value, 4 Regions, LLC has you covered. Our expert team of roofers is standing by to help you choose the ideal roof for your Texas and Louisiana business.

Hurricane Laura

Storm Restoration

No matter how well you maintain your roof, and no matter how often you have it inspected, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Whether it’s a fire, damage from a fallen tree, or a recent severe hailstorm, there are many unpredictable things that can cause serious damage to your roof. We understand, and that’s why we’re available any time with complete emergency roof repair and storm restoration services. Your family is always there for you—let 4 Regions, LLC and RWB Construction be there for your family during a roof emergency!

Hail damage

Inspections, Insurance claims & Warranty 


Prompt repairs will ensure that your roof lasts as long as it should. But effective roof maintenance and regular inspections can help you avoid significant repairs in the first place. At 4 Regions, LLC, we offer a range of roof maintenance services, including cleaning, gutter cleaning and roofing inspections. When you partner with 4 Regions, you can be confident that your roof maintenance needs are in the best hands possible!


Filing a roof insurance claim after your home is damaged by storms can be a major headache. From contacting your provider, to scheduling an appointment with an adjuster, to having your roof fixed and waiting for your payment, it’s one hoop after another to make your house a home once again.

Luckily, there’s an easier way! When you call on 4 Regions, LLC for your roof repair following a major storm, we do our part to make the roof insurance claims process go as smoothly as possible. While we cannot negotiate on your behalf, we can lend our expertise during inspections and throughout the roof repair process, as well as help communicate with your insurance provider. * 

Here’s what the insurance claims process looks like when you partner with 4 Regions, LLC! 

As a Service-Disabled Veteran owned company, we want our customers to feel like one of our own. That includes making the roof insurance claims process go as smoothly as possible. From inspection to final payment, you can count on 4 Regions, LLC to be with you every step of the way. Contact us to get started with a free inspection!

* NOTE: 4 Regions and its authorized representatives are NOT acting as Public Insurance Adjusters and will not negotiate with insurance on Customer’s behalf.


Here at 4 Regions, LLC, we’re proud to stand behind our work with a 5-year workmanship warranty. As a well-established roofing company with many years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to back up that warranty no matter what. In addition to the 4 Regions, LLC warranty, we are also Owens Corning Preferred Contractors, which allows us to offer even more protection for roofs built with Owens Corning’s high-quality products. 4 Regions, LLC offers the best peace of mind compared to other roofing companies “near me”!


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