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Drywall Takeoffs

If you are looking for a drywall cost estimator, then 4 Regions Estimating can provide you with a detailed and accurate drywall takeoff. There are a lot of different factors such as drywall mud, repairs, installation costs, sheetrock quantities, and much more that you need to consider when preparing any drywall takeoff estimates. 

Our drywall takeoffs include.

Gypsum boards

gypsum board ceilings


Metal/wood studs

Tracks for studs

Drywall taping

Drywall mudding


flooring installs

Flooring Takeoffs

A flooring takeoff includes a list of floor material quantities classified as per the type of floor finishes used in the project. A typical flooring take-off includes the square footage of tiles, carpet flooring, wood flooring, and the linear footage of cove base, number of transition strips, etc.

Our flooring takeoffs typically include:

VCT tiles

LVT tiles


Wooden floors

Rubber floors

Epoxy flooring

Concrete floors

Stone flooring

Laminate floors

Cove base

Transition strips




Masonry estimating services include measuring items like CMU, brickwork, masonry restoration, face bricks, glazing, etc. If you have been struggling to complete your masonry estimates, then our services can be a great support for you.

Our services include quantifying and preparing masonry cost estimates for all the sub-divisions of Division 04 as per CSI master format.

 It includes the following major items. 

Unit masonry

CMU blocks

Glass unit masonry

Concrete form masonry

Stones (granite, marble, etc.)

Glazed tiles

Facing bricks

Terra cotta estimate

Stucco work

Mortar & plaster quantities

Exterior brick replacement

Masonry anchorage

Masonry flashing

Stonemasonry walls

Restoration & cleaning


Lumber Takeoffs

A typical lumber takeoff includes the count of wood elements like blockings, wooden posts, headers above openings, wall studs, wood beams, etc. It also includes roof and floor framing elements like trusses, rafters, outriggers, TJI's, PSL beams, and GLB beams, wooden joists, floor decking. A count of lumber connector hardware like HDUs, straps, nailing, screws, simpson ties, angles etc. is also provided in the lumber list.

In our lumber takeoff services, 

we quantify all woodwork of Division 06 as per CSI master format including.

Wooden Studs

Floor Joists

Sheathing for Walls


Trim and Siding

Architectural woodwork

Case work


Wood paneling

Wood stairs & railing

Ornamental wood work

Wood framing

Wooden joists & beams

Rough carpentry

Wood decking

Structural timber

Wood shelving

Wood trusses


Electrical Estimates

When we prepare your cost estimate, we will break down your entire project and look at each component of it. 

The major items that we list in the electrical material takeoff sheet include;

Light fixtures – We’ll go through and compile a list of all light fittings, based on the sizes, types of lights, costs of lights, and installation requirements

Conduit – We will calculate how many conduits you’ll need for the entire project, what size conduit, and price it considering the installation process required for the conduit.

Wiring – Different gauges of wiring, length of cable and cable trays, and junctions may vary. So we make sure that you won’t miss electrical wiring cost while bidding.

Switches – Total counts of switches, including power points, light switches, appliance switches, and wiring requirements for switches.

Switchboards – Total number of switchboards needed, sizing of switchboards, and location of wiring to and from switchboards for the entire project.

Some of the electrical estimating services that we provide to our clients are:

New Construction Electrical Cost Estimates

Residential Electrical Estimating

Commercial Electrical Estimating

Electrical Material Takeoff Sheets

Electrical Project Management

Electrical Work Cost Per Square Foot


If you are planning to bid on a new commercial or residential building project and require electrical estimating, then start by emailing us the details of the project. We’ll need all the information that may include drawings, technical specifications, wholesale supplies lists, material costs (if available) and details. We will go through the project and then give you a price that we know will beat any rate/bid.


EarthWork Estimates

What is an Earthwork Takeoff? 

The takeoff compares the existing topography with the proposed design subgrade to provide precise cut and fill calculations. The purpose of an earthwork takeoff is to capture a proposed design project with an accurate view of real-world conditions on a site today.

Our construction material take-off reports can be used to figure rock, clay, import, export, areas of interest, excavation, grading, stored materials and balancing sites. In addition to dirt work estimates we can figure asphalt, concrete, building pads, curb/gutter, gravel, cement, landscaping and planting. The volumes report categorizes and breaks out areas separately for design/sub-grade and existing/demolition surfaces.

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